European Energy Security Conference

Day One, Wednesday 8th December


Registration and Refreshments


Chairman’s Welcome

Rt Hon Bruce George, Vice President, the Security Institute; former UK Parliamentary Representative to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the OSCE (confirmed)


Overview of Current Issues and Challenges in International Energy Security

David Buchan, Senior Research Fellow, Director, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies (confirmed)


European Energy Security: Problems and Solutions

Charles Hendry MP, Minister of State, Department for Energy and Climate Change (invited)


Morning Coffee


Co-ordinating Practical Policies across the European Union to meet the 21st Century’s Challenges

Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy (invited)

  • Ensuring a secure supply of energy at affordable prices
  • Reducing the negative effects of energy use, particularly fossil fuels, on the environment
  • Creating a competitive internal energy market offering quality service at low prices
  • Developing renewable energy sources
  • Reducing dependence on imported fuels
  • Lowering consumption of energy




Towards New Instruments for Good European Energy Governance

Kevin Rosner, Editor, Journal of Energy Security (confirmed)

Malcolm Wicks MP, former Prime Ministerial Special Representative on International Energy Issues (confirmed)

Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director, International Energy Agency, Paris (invited)

Julian Lee, Senior Energy Analyst, Centre for Global Energy Studies, London (confirmed)

  • National Energy Security Strategies in the European Union
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure – The Role of New Technologies – Satellite Systems
  • Better Coordination between Member States – Announcing Bi-lateral Agreements at Early Stage


Afternoon Tea


Regional Energy Security in the European Union

Inese Valdere MEP, Director, European Energy Forum (invited)

Réka Szemerkényi, President ,Hungarian New Atlantic Initiative (confirmed)

Katinka Barysch, Deputy Director, Centre for European Reform (confirmed)

16:30 Close and Drinks

Day Two, Thursday 9th December


Chairman’s Welcome

Rt Hon Bruce George, Vice President, the Security Institute; former UK Parliamentary Representative to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the OSCE (confirmed)


Resource Management: Co-operation between Authorities and Oil Companies

Energy company perspectives on energy security

Richard Eriksen, Director, Statoil Germany (invited)


New Technologies and Energy Efficiency

  • Wind, Thermal, Tidal and Wave Power
  • Role of Technology in Green Energy Provision
  • Energy, Environment and Climate Change
  • The Nuclear Option
  • Sustainable Energy Consumption

Rick Battarbee, Emeritus Professor, Principal Research Associate and Chairman of ENSIS Ltd (invited)

Prof. Arthouros Zervos President, European Renewable Energy Council (invited)

Nick Goodall, Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Fuels Agency, UK (confirmed)


Morning Coffee


Achieving Diversity of Energy Supplies

  • Europe and Energy Dependency from Outside: Independence and Interdependency
  • Achieving diversity of supply (types), sources, and avoiding excessive reliance on corridors, sectors, suppliers
  • Price Stability – OPEC Pricing Power
  • What Future for Oil, Gas and Coal?

Matthew Hulbert, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Security Studies (confirmed)

David Green OBE, Chief Executive, UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy (confirmed)

Dr Mary Dengler, Department of Geography, Royal Holloway University of London (invited)

Bernice Lee, Research Director, Energy, Environment and Resource Governance, Chatham House (invited)




GeoPolitics and European Energy Security

  • Methods of assessing risk and co-ordinating a coherent approach
  • Russia – Ukraine – Belarus
  • Central Asia, Turkey, Caspian, Caucasus
  • Untapped Resources – The Caspian –
  • International Law and War
  • The Persian Gulf and Iran
  • The Nigerian Delta

Jennifer Giroux, Researcher, Centre for Security Studies (confirmed)

Sohbet Karbuz, Mediterranean Energy Observatory (OME), Paris (confirmed)

Hasan Alsancak, Turkish Energy Security Expert (confirmed)


Afternoon Tea


Energy, Foreign Policy and National Security

Alastair Cameron, Head of European Security, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) (invited)

Professor Dr. Dieter Mahncke, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Chair for European Foreign Policy and Security Studies, College of Europe, Bruges (invited)

17:00 Close

Please note that the programme and venue is subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances