Jennifer Giroux

Jennifer Giroux

Researcher, Centre for Security Studies

Jennifer is a Researcher at the Centre for security Studies in Zurich. She focuses on global security and development issues. After working in Senegal and Ghana, she held posts with organizations such as the United Nations Al-Qaida and Taliban (1267) Sanctions Committee, the Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), and the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS).

Currently, she is a researcher with the Crisis Risk Network (CRN) team at the Center for Security Studies (CSS) at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. The main focus of her research examines how violent non-state actors are influenced by modern terrain dynamics and through this she explores the targeting of energy infrastructure (TEI), which weaves together elements related to terrorism, criminality and energy security. Other research interests include resilience, African politics and development, and the role of information communication technology in society - particularly in emergency/crisis planning and response. Jennifer’s own website is at

The Center for Security Studies (CSS) is an academic institute at ETH Zurich specialized in research, teaching, and the provision of services in international and national security policy. The CSS is headed by Prof. Andreas Wenger. Since 1997, the CSS and the professorships for political science of the University of Zurich have been working together to build the Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS).

The research focus of the CSS includes all aspects of security studies and strategic studies. The CSS understands security in a comprehensive way, that is, its conception of security is necessarily transdisciplinary. The CSS utilizes synergies with established technological and natural science research related to security studies. With its scientific achievements and its willingness to enter into cooperation with other organizations, the CSS supports the further development of contacts to international security policy organizations and promotes the dialog between academia, the federal government, and the private sector.

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