Senator Sanaullah Baloch

Senator Sanaullah Baloch

Former Member of Parliament of Pakistan

Mr. Senator Sanaullah Baloch is a former Member of Parliament of Pakistan, served as the Member Senate of Pakistan (2003-2008) and as Member National Assembly (1997-1999), hence he has extensive understanding and experience in Pakistan's constitutional and institutional affairs.

Mr. Baloch also served as a Parliamentary Secretary to the Interior and Narcotics Control Division in 1998. In addition, he served as Member Standing Committee on Local Government (Decentralization), Senate Function Committee on Government Assurances and Standing Committee on Problems of Less Developed Areas.

Mr. Sanaullah has delivered many prestigious lectures and talks, among them the International Institute for Strategic Studies at London, Lecture at School of Oriental and African Studies, Foreign Policy Centre London, United State Institute for Peace Washington D.C, CMI (Chr. Michelsen Institute), Bergen, Norway, National Defense University, National Institute for Public Administration in Pakistan and lectured on Balochistan, Democracy, Federalism and Pakistan’s ethnic politics in numerous forums and other public appearances worldwide.

In 2005, He was honored as a fellow by the Stanford Institute for International Studies, CA, USA on Democracy, Development and Rule of law program.

Mr. Baloch research and professional expertise are in the field of Democracy, Federalism, Parliamentary Affairs, Political Parties, Constitutionalism, Conflict Resolution, Women and Human Rights.

He contributed number of articles mainly about politics and society of Balochistan, Pakistan in several leading South Asian English language newspapers and magazines, including Dawn, the News, and the Nation. He is also author of a book and several reports and human rights documents.

As the Member of Senate of Pakistan and representative of Balochistan province, he articulated on the issues of provinces political and economic rights. He also authored and introduced number of constitutional amendment bills and legislation regarding center-province relations, power sharing and resource distribution.

Mr. Sanaullah was also appointed as a Member of Parliament special committee on Balochistan formed in September 2004, where he was the major architect of drafting and placing Balochistan's major political and economic issues before the committee. The committee's failure to deliver as sepcified in the terms of reference led Mr. Baloch to resign from the committee in December 2004.

He speaks, read and writes in English, Balochi, Persian/Dari, Pushto, Urdu and in Brahvi languages.

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