Why you should attend

High Profile Speakers

The conference promises an internationally recognised line-up of expert speakers. You will hear from the leading thinkers on the latest ideas and initiatives in the field of energy. There are also ample opportunities for debate, discussion, questions, and presentations of new technology.


This conference will also provide an invaluable opportunity to share best practice and network with colleagues from across the world. Over 3½ hours of networking are scheduled into the conference programme with conference breaks designed to encourage attendees to network in a convivial environment. There will also be a drinks reception at the end of the first day.

Tackling key issues

“Europe's citizens and companies need a secure supply of energy at affordable prices in order to maintain our standards of living. At the same time, the negative effects of energy use, particularly fossil fuels, on the environment must be reduced. That is why EU policy focuses on creating a competitive internal energy market offering quality service at low prices, on developing renewable energy sources, on reducing dependence on imported fuels, and on doing more with a lower consumption of energy.”

European Union Directorate General for Energy Policy Statement

“The geopolitics of energy insecurity will be a key theme for the 21st Century... We are moving from a position of relative energy independence to one of significant dependence on imports… Oil and gas prices can be expected to increase, perhaps very significantly. More nations will flex their muscles in the pursuit of energy resources.

We need to support the building of key infrastructure enabling energy and fuels to move around Europe in response to need. And we need to support European attempts to diversify sources and routes of energy imports, including the “Southern Corridor” project for gas imports to Central Europe from the Caspian and Central Asia.”

Malcolm Wicks MP, as Special Representative on International Energy to the Prime Minister

Who should attend?

Feedback from past events:

"Congratulations on a very well conceived and managed event"

Claire Cameron, UK

"I have gained a great deal of new knowledge on this subject, which has been very useful for me and my organisation"

Ukhnaa Tamir, Mongolia

"The event provided a good opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from overseas, and the debate and discussions were excellent"

Mohammed Field, UK

"The programme was good and the speakers were excellent"

Nick Carter, United Arab Emirates

"I have come away with two or three new ideas, which is a considerable success for the area in which I work"

Chris Horsey, UK